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Obviously, flowers are synonymous with weddings.

Brides= bouquets= decorations= wedding. Everybody knows this.

But for the love of peonies, they don’t have to be everywhere.

Maybe you want to shake things up, or maybe you’re looking to think outside the floral box, either way, you have so alternative centerpiece options!

Rustic Lore: Bring the outside in with beautiful branches, haunting driftwood, earthy materials, like burlap and leather.

Succulent Obsessed: Ditch the petals and opt for something a little more earthy. These desert plants are hip, clean, and gorgeous. Fill your table with pots of them!

Deliciously Gorgeous: Candy, fruit, or your favorite pasties, stack your tables with fabulous treats and snacks for your guests to devour. Is there anything more beautiful than a perfectly frosted donut? Not that we can think of.

Must Reads: Set the theme of your night in the most literal way possible; with stacks of books! From the classics, to romance, to your personal favorites, show your guests your romance is one for the books!

Hobbies: Bowls of sewing buttons, beautifully displayed vintage camera, photos from your favorite travels, your wedding should reflect you, so fill your reception with the things you love.

No matter what you envision for your perfect celebration, one thing remains; it all looks gorgeous at Parkway Place! Let us help you build your reception around the centerpieces and decorations that reflect your vision, in one of our many ballroom and room options. We’re exciting to help you leave a unique and lasting impression.