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As you know, there are many, many elements that go into your Wedding Day. But after you get through the ceremony, saying your “I do’s,” and sealing it with a kiss, what you are left with is a really great party with all the people you love the most.

And nothing makes or breaks a party like great music.

The dance floor is ground zero for some of your best wedding memories; your romantic first dance, taking the floor with your dad, doing The Cupid Shuffle with your favorite Aunts, and screaming Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing into the night with your childhood besties.

Should You Leave Your Night in the Hands of a DJ?

Gone are the days of corny DJ’s relying on The Hokey Pokey to get the crown going. Today, DJ’s are full fledged entertainment empires, cranking out all of your favorite pre-selected hits, producing some epic light shows, and masters of keeping the evening organized and flowing.

Should a Band Command the Reception Stage?

What can we say, it’s hard to compete with a live band and the energy they infuse into the party. Live musicians are experts at reading the crowd, performing master of ceremony duties, and keeping people dancing all night long.

But when it comes to getting your people on the dance floor, how do you make the final call between a live band or a DJ?

Obviously, there are a few factors at play.

What’s your vibe? Are you aiming for an overall theme for your reception? Music is the easiest way to set the tone of your evening, with little to no work involved on your part, just leave it to the experts behind the mic! Are you having a disco party? Paying homage to your Caribbean honeymoon? Want a vintage big band extravaganza? The type of music you want for the reception may also help you decide between a DJ or live music. You can’t beat a live Big Band blowing horns on stage, but if you’re looking for more eclectic playlists, a DJ might be a much better fit.

How much space do you have? Thankfully, Parkway Place offers an array of reception rooms, and all of them easily accommodate your dream reception music scenario. But it’s important to remember that depending on which you choose, many reception site have size restrictions, and that can be the difference between an 8 piece band, or a DJ.

What’s your budget? DJ’s are typically a little more affordable than a band, especially since you’re paying fewer people to perform. Things to consider when pricing your options would be the time of year, play list size, and what day of week you’re getting married.

Having trouble making the choice? The heart wants what the heart wants, so why not both? Fill the stage with live music during dinner and formal dances, and then invite a DJ to take over the party, ushering it into the late hours of the night. It’s your big day, no one says you can’t have the best of both worlds!