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To the naked eye, weddings look like flawless, beautiful events unfolding before you with perfectly placed flowers, draping fabrics, mouthwatering dishes, and a glowing dance floor begging for you to twirl across.

At least, that’s what they should look like. It’s all about logistics. Not very romantic, we know. But, if everyone is doing their job (psst, their job is to make sure you have the wedding of your dreams), then a perfectly choreographed evening is exactly what you will get.

Parkway Place prides itself on being logistics masters, with teams of dedicated experts to guide you through the wedding process, from booking to “I do.”

Thank goodness, right? Don’t you already have enough on your plate, anyways?

Teamwork makes the dream work. We totally mean to brag, our team is fabulous! We are truly all veterans of the wedding world, and we take all that experience and knowledge to make sure you feel heard and supported throughout the planning process, as well as taken care of the day of your event. We also work well with the other wedding professionals you’ve hired, making sure the only thing you’re concerned about is whether or not you’ve said hi to your great aunt Ruby, yet.

We’ve got that great venue vibe. Not only do we have multiple stunning ballrooms to choose from, we are also extremely accessible, spacious, clean, and we offer excellent parking. There’s no hiking it from a parking garage, or waiting 30 minutes for a valet at the end of the night when you’re exhausted. When it’s time to go, you simply head out to your car in our well lit parking lot! As an added bonus, we also work with two area hotels that offer free transportation to and from Parkway Place and the hotel, making your guests’ night even easier!

It’s all about the timing. Some brides just assume their DJ or bandleader will take on the Master of Ceremonies role, and they certainly have the mic for it. But we are here for you the whole evening, making sure your wedding timeline is solid. We know exactly how to time out your evening’s events, from dinner to cake cutting, and we’re really good at reading a crowd and making schedule adjustments on the fly. Plus, we’ve perfected the cocktail hour, and know exactly how long to serve drinks before the guests get antsy. We got you!

But seriously, how amazing is this food right now!? It’s good, like, really good, and we have it down to a science. No really, catering to large groups takes an actual amount of math and science to make sure every guest is served hot and delicious food, and that is something Parkway prides itself on, and we put the same amount of thoughtful care into your plate, whether we’re serving 50 people, or more than 300! Our staff is thoroughly trained, and we make sure you have as many as you need to keep your event flowing flawlessly!

Sometimes the most crucial parts of your wedding can’t be pinned on a Pinterest board, or shared on Instagram; because it’s the invisible teams of experience working behind the scenes, and when it comes to giving you all those Instagrammable and Pinnable moments, Parkway Place does it the best!