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About Us

Why Choose Parkway Place?

ELEGANT–BEAUTIFUL–CLEAN–SPACIOUS. These are the comments we hear most frequently from our clients and their guests. Put that together with our gracious and attentive service that is the hallmark of every event at Parkway Place and you can quickly see why we are preferred by a vast majority of clients who will settle for nothing less than the perfect place.

We realize that there is no such thing as a small detail when everything has to be perfect. That’s why every event at Parkway Place has a dedicated coordinator whose entire responsibility is to attend to your every need. Because we are a family owned business our owners are always ready and available to assist you in any special requests you may have to enhance your event.

We truly do take your event personally and that’s why hundreds of clients have entrusted their most important events and most cherished memories to Parkway Place.

Featured on The Knot

The great philosopher Aristotle said “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence therefore is not an act but a habit”. Excellence is truly a habit at Parkway Place as evidenced by the many awards we have accumulated on a regular basis from the “Hall of Fame” award from the Knot or the “Best 50” food establishments awarded by the Lucas County Health Department. Our quality is recognized from all aspects of the event industry.